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Theological Studies and Apologetics
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Themes in Orthodox Patristic Psychology: Humility, Obedience, Repentance, and Love

Beyond Wealth
Orthodoxy, Capitalism, and the Gospel of Wealth

Τέσσαρα Κείμενα ἐπὶ Ἐκκλησιαστικῶν Θεμάτων

Four Essays on Ecclesiastical Subjects

Contemporary Traditionalist Orthodox Thought

Contemporary Traditionalist Orthodox Thought: A Second Volume

Wealth and Poverty in the Teachings of the Church Fathers

Scripture and Tradition

The Orthodox Church and Eschatological Frenzy
The Recent Proliferation of “Antichristology” and Its Perilous Side-Effects; Proposals for Curing the Eschatological Fear of Marks (Seals) and Numbers

Protestant Fundamentalistic Thought
Its Incompatibility with the Orthodox Ethos and its Deviation from the Founding Principles of American Culture

Christological Methods and Their Influence on Alexandrian and Antiochian Eucharistic Theology

The Future Life According to Orthodox Teaching

The Church, Tradition, Scripture, Truth, and Christian Life
Some Heresies of Evangelicalism and an Orthodox Response

The Orthodox Church and The Orthodox Way Reviewed
A Traditionalist Critique of Two Popular Introductions to Eastern Orthodox Christianity

Four Essays on Orthodox Liturgical Issues
A Collection of Liturgical Commentaries Written from a Traditionalist Orthodox Perspective

The Œcumenical Synods of the Orthodox Church
A Concise History

On the Church of Christ in the Light of the Orthodox Faith
Outside Communion With the Heavenly Church, There Is No Church of Christ