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Christological Methods and Their Influence on Alexandrian and Antiochian Eucharistic Theology

by Bishop Auxentios of Photiki

35 pp.

Bishop Auxentios contrasts the characteristic theological approaches of the Alexandrians and the Antiochians by analyzing the differences in their understanding of the Eucharist, thereby proving that the Christological deviations of the extreme wing of the Antiochian school that are so evident in Theodore of Mopsuestia, the “father of Nestorios,” lead to serious distortions in soteriology and a loss of the Divine Presence from the earthly life of the Church.

About the Author
The Right Reverend Auxentios, Director of the C.T.O.S., is a graduate of Princeton University. He received the Licentiate in Theology from the C.T.O.S. and the Doctor of Theology degree in Orthodox Liturgics at the Graduate Theological Union, Berkeley.