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Protestant Fundamentalistic Thought
Its Incompatibility with the Orthodox Ethos and its Deviation from the Founding Principles of American Culture

by Father James Thornton

31 pp.

In this discourse, Father James exposes Fundamentalism, the origins of which he traces to the fanatical Anabaptist movements of the Reformation, as a pitiful caricature of the authentic Christianity taught and lived by the Orthodox Church.

About the Author
The Reverend Dr. James Thornton holds the Diploma and Licentiate in Orthodox Theological Studies from the C.T.O.S., where he is a Research Associate, and a Doctorate in Advanced Pastoral Studies from the San Francisco Theological Seminary. He serves the Holy Trinity Eastern Orthodox Church in Oxnard, California, a parish of the American Exarchate of the Orthodox Church of Greece, Holy Synod in Resistance.