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The Œcumenical Synods of the Orthodox Church
A Concise History

by the Reverend Dr. James Thornton

ISBN 0–911165–63–0
185 pp.

“An important, extremely valuable, and long-awaited work on the Œcumenical Synods from an Orthodox perspective, analyzing them, in historical sequence, as an expression of the living Faith of the Early Christian Church, which Faith they and Orthodoxy reflect and embody. Written with scholarly acuity but in language and in a style that make it available to the average reader, Father James’ newest book is a virtual primer of Orthodox theology and history and a truly recherché volume from a fine writer.”
—Archbishop Chrysostomos of Etna

Paperback with laminated cover.

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About the Author
The Very Reverend Dr. James Thornton holds the Diploma and Licentiate in Orthodox Theological Studies from the Center for Traditionalist Orthodox Studies, where he is a Research Associate, and a Doctorate in Advanced Pastoral Studies from the San Francisco Theological Seminary. In retirement from many decades of pastoral service in the Old Calendar Orthodox Church of Greece and the Russian Orthodox Church Abroad, he is also a Lecturer at the St. Photios Orthodox Theological Seminary. The father of two sons, Father James and his wife, Presbytera Elizabeth, live in Southern California.