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Dionysius of Fourna
Artistic Identity Through Visual Rhetoric

by Mateusz J. Ferens

ISBN 978–1–938943–05–8
137 pp.

This engaging study refutes the popular but erroneous notion that the so-called Painter’s Manual of Hieromonk Dionysius of Fourna (ca. 1670–ca. 1745) represents a definitive style-book of traditional Byzantine iconographic traditions and practices. By a careful analysis of ancient prototypes and Icons from Dionysius’ own hand, the author presents a nuanced view of the manual and Byzantine Iconographic tradition that is refreshing, insightful, and compelling.

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About the Author
Mateusz (Matthew) Ferens, an Icon painter and student of the history and theory of iconography, received his B.A. degree in Applied Design at San Diego State Uni­versity, his Master’s degree in Art History at the Uni­versity of California, Riverside, and is at present a doctoral student at the University of Wisconsin at Madison.