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The Egyptian Desert in the Irish Bogs
The Byzantine Character of Early Celtic Monasticism

by Father Gregory Telepneff

ISBN 0–911165–37–1
90 pp.

Basing his arguments on monastic rules, lives of Saints, manuscript illuminations, ecclesiastical architecture, and liturgical texts, Father Gregory presents a convincing case for the Eastern origins of the distinctively Celtic form of monastic life. He uncovers many striking similarities between the world of the Desert Fathers and the now lost world of Irish Orthodox Christianity, which was so deeply permeated by the monastic ideal.

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About the Author
The Reverend Gregory Telepneff is a Senior Scholar at the Center for Traditionalist Orthodox Studies. A Yale University graduate, he received his doctorate in Patristics at the Graduate Theological Union, Berkeley. He is Pastor of the St. John Chrysostomos Church in Saugus (Boston), Massachusetts, and teaches Theology and Religious Studies on an adjunct basis at Anna Maria College. He is at present a Visiting Scholar at the Harvard Divinity School. Father Gregory is the author of a number of scholarly studies and a groundbreaking historical work on early Irish monasticism, The Egyptian Desert in the Irish Bogs: The Byzantine Character of Early Celtic Monasticism (Etna, CA: C.T.O.S., 2001).